About Us

Hi! I'm Amber Anderson, thanks for stopping in!

FPH stands for the French Pressed Home
which was my blog where I shared our transition
from the West Coast to the sweet South!
I blogged about home renovation, gardening, diy projects and chickens.
Baking... not so much.

FPH Bakery.

This pretty much created itself.
I had no intentions of running a
Cottage Kitchen Bakery, let alone
open a full case commercial bakery!

My dream was to open a
Bed and Breakfast.
That will always be a dream and who knows,
if the opportunity presents itself on a silver
platter and an invitation written in gold letters,
I'll do it!

How... in a nutshell

So I posted my personal, family cakes, prompting
a local to ask for a couple of fancy cakes for an event.
I shared those photos via social media and
soon after, my phone started ringing.
I knew I needed to do things right so I became a
Cottage Food Operation which legally allowed me
to bake from my home kitchen.
As time went on, my clientele grew to the point
of needing more kitchen!
So, we decided to purchase an old brick and mortar
that was known as the Holmes Cafe, years ago.
I continued to share everything from cakes to renovations
because I wanted everyone to feel like they were a part of
the bakery. The Cafe was a prominent part
of Union Springs history and I wanted everyone
to feel that old connection.

After a year and half of my husband renovating, we opened
the FPH Bakery in February, 2017.

Being open a complete year brought many lessons
but also exciting things. I never put an expectation on
how it would all pan out and definitely took it as
a year of learning the business curvature and
what each season brought.

So here we are, rolling into year two.
Who knows what this will bring!