About Us

Hi! I'm Amber Anderson, the hands and heart behind
FPH Bakery.

FPH stands for the French Pressed Home
 which is my lifestyle blog where I
 have shared parts of our home and life
both in California and here in Alabama.

The FPH Bakery.

This pretty much created itself.
I had no intentions of running a
Cottage Kitchen Bakery but,
 here we are!

We looked into the Cottage Food
law a few years ago and at that
time, neither California nor Alabama
recognized that. I don't even
remember why we looked into it.
Anyway, earlier this year, the idea
 popped up again, by my husband.

Lo and behold, in June of 2014,
our beautiful State passed the
CFO law allowing Home Based Baking
so I got certified even though
I had no clue what the heck I
 was going to do with it, if anything.

Before this time, I had been praying.
 A lot.
Just praying for guidance.
What am I supposed to be doing? 
 I was not praying about a bakery or even baking.
I was just asking for something
 to come before me.
All I knew was that  I didn't want to do
 my old business of signs,
refurbishing furniture, etc., anymore.
I lost the love for that.
And it was an expensive business and
 I just didn't want to do it {again}.
I have had my heart set on a B&B but
we just aren't in the position or place in life
for that to happen right now or anytime soon.

If you open your mind and listen, He will guide you. 

I am a testament to this and to a
 gift I had no idea I had.

Or that I would love it as much as I do.

Before I even spilled the beans to anyone and everyone,
I got a call for two, graduated multi tiered cakes.

And that's where it started.

I had no plans, dreams, aspirations or an inkling
of being a baker but I figured I could
make a couple of bucks here and there doing it,
 but really?
A cake or cupcakes here and there?

I thought about this and made some
observations in our small town.
There was really no place to buy pastries.
It's a good 40 minute haul to the
City where you can find treats.
Cakes, you can find! We are in the South, mind you,
and there are many great cake baker's that
are the go-to ladies of their specialty!

So, I decided that I would do something different.

I decided to start the FPH Bakery specializing in
Rustic Cakes and delicious pastries.
 Everything I bake is from scratch.
 I wanted to offer good, whole food so I use
organic ingredients where possible,
our own eggs from our own hens
 and make my own vanilla extract.

 Have you ever read the ingredient label
 on a store bought cake? Not so yummy.

As of now, I decide on a weekly special
and post to FB on Monday's or Tuesday's
for those local to us.
People interested, place their order for Friday Bake Day
and they pick up in the afternoon.
And I do still take special orders on top of that.
So far this has fared pretty darn good!
 It gives those a chance to come into my
home kitchen and see where their food is coming from
 which is very important to me.
I love my French kitchen but it's more than pretty.
 It's clean.

Having my home based business allows me to
be home for my kids and while they're
in school, the uninterrupted time to
do my baking.
You really can't ask for more than that. 

I'll be doing my first Alabama Vintage Market
with my Bakery and Vintage kitchen goods
on October 3, 2015 at
  The Market on Chapel Hill.

I hope you'll come!

Thanks for taking the time to learn about me.
I appreciate it more than you know.

xo, Amber