Sunday, November 15, 2015

Working Away

Well, so far all of the major demolition has
been done.

We've taken things back to brick and plaster 
as layers of past additions have been
peeled away to expose out of date
wiring and plumbing for replacement and our own
peace of mind and knowledge of where and how
things will be working. We discovered
there had been a fire at that back wall at some point.

We were sent this photo which I believe
was dated wrong since the {original}
Jones Cafe was built in 1936 based on
City records and newspaper clippings.

We're pretty sure this is the same place but there are a few
things that make us wonder, like the windows on 
either side and the little pop out on the right. 

Below is the right side which some of the plaster is still
stuck on pretty good so we decided to not try and chisel 
it off. Old world charm if you ask me. 

And lastly, our paint choice for the exterior. We
picked the lighter shade since 
the door and awning will be black.
Can't wait to get going on that!

And that's about it for now. 
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