Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Back To Business!

Although it doesn't quite look like it, 
we are making progress on our building.

My contractor (hubs) was down for a good
couple of weeks with a wicked chest cold
which turned into Bronchitis and it 
completely wiped him out.
He's on the tail end of it
(thank goodness!) so progress
on the remodel should be picking
up speed shortly.
Although the brawn of it hasn't been
happening, lots of behind the scenes 
surely has. 

There is a certain style and feel we
are going to put into the bakery
so as time ticks to the destination
of opening, we are collecting,
adding and designing those elements.

I want to share every bit and piece of 
what we are planning and doing but
there is a huge part of me that wants to
keep it under wraps.
Not for any selfish reason but because
I want it to be an event at our
opening. A reveal party, of sorts. 
I will say this; 
Our bakery will have a very similar feel
as our home. Rich colors, warm wood tones
and the elegant touches with crystal, glass,
mirrors and black. 

Of course I'm going to share with you. 
How can I not? 

In the meantime, 
I am back on my baking game.
Beginning next week, I will
be continuing my weekly featured item
as well as taking special orders. 

I will be sharing here as well as on 
if you're interested.

Until next time!

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